March 27, 2014

I have moved to

I have decided to bite the bullet and move to Wordpress as it allows me to be much more creative and it's a much slicker website.

My new blog is ""  Much simpler and easier to remember.

I will keep this one up and running for a short time, however there will be no new posts on here.
It should be much easier for you to follow my recipes via email in the new blog and if you have any problems, do let me know and I will do my best to help you.
My recipes will still connect to my FaceBook Tastetickler page.
Please bear with me as I get used to the new site, I did the transfer on my own and that is quite an achievement, given who did it!

I promise to keep the recipes coming and may be adding a few surprises along the way as this blog takes me on a wonderful personal journey.  x